Buying used jet printers

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used jet printers
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Buying used jet printers

Due to many problems, many people are looking for second-hand devices to meet their needs.

Due to the epidemic of corona disease and the difficulty of import conditions, many goods imported into the country have seen a significant price increase, including jet printers. For this reason and because of the existing economic problems, people have started to buy used jet printers.

But the provision of second-hand manual jet printers also has its own special conditions and causes questions in the buyer’s mind when buying. Questions such as

Is the print quality of used jet printers as well as the quality of new devices?

Is the lifespan of used jet printers acceptable?

Here we help you to know the features of a second-hand printer better and make a better purchase.

Buying used jet printers

special sale

How many models of working jet printers are there?

There are two models of used jet printers:

  1. New printers that have worked in the Iranian market and are used
  2. Used printers that are imported from other countries, which are generally called stock jet printers

    1_ Physical examination of the jet printer device.

The absence of scratches, broken LCD, working buttons and cracks in the body of the jet printer must be checked.

2- Jet printer printing test:

Be sure to print the desired message on your product with a jet printer and ensure the print quality before paying the seller.

3- Detailed examination of the jet printer cartridge:

According to the different models of jet printer cartridges, which are divided into two general categories, water-based and alcohol-based, make sure that the jet printer cartridge is purchased for your jet printer device. If possible, get the jet printer cartridge in sealed form from the company.

Cartridges are one of the most important parts of your purchase.

In fact, cartridges are the storage place for your ink and have a significant impact on print quality. So, pay attention to the health of the cartridge when buying.



4_ Coded device:

A very important point in buying a used jet printer is to check whether the jet printer cartridge is coded. This means that some jet printers in the market only print with cartridges that are synchronized with the jet printer through chip code, and they do not work with cartridges without chips and seals in the market.

The buyer (Customer ) can only get the cartridge for her jet printer from the relevant company, and if the cartridge is not available for any reason, the device is practically useless.


5_ Coordination with the jet printer seller company:

All jet printer devices of Arin Behrang company have a 2-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service; At the time of buying a second-hand jet printer, by coordinating with the company and reading the code on the device, find out about the authenticity and validity of the warranty with the company.

total resulting:

Before buying, try the device so that the images printed by it are not dirty and do not have color spread.

Make your purchases from reputable companies as much as possible.

According to the given explanations and the price of jet printer devices and the sensitivity of the cartridge, we strongly refrain from buying second-hand cartridges with jet printers, and considering the price and warranty of new devices of Arin Behrang company, it is recommended to buy a new device.


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