Features of Arian Behrang’s jet printer

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Arian Behrang's jet printer
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In this article, we are going to introduce the unique features of Arian Behrang’s jet printer.

If this question is in your mind, how to insert information such as production date and expiration date with high quality on spherical products or uneven surfaces, it is better to stay with us.

After the design and construction of the first example of the printer until today, this device has undergone many changes, so that today all kinds of printer devices are used in home businesses and all kinds of workshops and factories.

When you go to a store to buy a product, maybe the first thing you pay attention to is checking the production and expiration date. For this reason, the expiration date is one of the most important information that must be legibly printed on the product.

A model of printer devices are jet printers, which can be said that jet printers are not known as they should be, but this device is one of the most widely used types of jet printers, both in industrial and home businesses.

If we want to have a short definition of the jet printer device, we can introduce the device as follows:

Jet printers are an advanced model of printer devices that spray ink particles on surfaces with the help of pre-defined settings. For this reason, these printers are also called inkjet printers.

We can generally divide inkjet printers into two categories:

Hand-held date machines that are more suitable for home use and products with low circulation.

Automatic date machines that are suitable for large factories and products with circulation.

Automatic printers increase the speed of printing products so that it can be said without exaggeration that they have the ability to print thousands of products daily.

Arian Behrang's jet printer

How to choose the right jet printer

But you should choose a company that introduces the device you need to meet your needs in the field of printing with the best quality.

A good jet printer that can meet the needs of your production unit:

It can be installed on all kinds of production lines.

It has the ability to update the software so that the device program is not old and has the latest technology

As mentioned above, these devices are inkjet models, and the selling company is obliged to provide ink and other consumables for the device.

Now we are going to introduce to you some of the unique features of Arian Behrang’s jet printer :

10 features of Arian Behrang’s jet printer

Arian Behrang’s jet printer includes all the following items:

1-Can be installed on all kinds of production lines

2-On-site delivery and installation of the device if required by the customer

3-The lowest price in the market compared to similar samples

4-The ability to print on all types of non-absorbable surfaces with the help of inks that dry in less than 5 seconds

5-Phone support in case of problems even on holidays

6-2 years warranty and 15 years after sales service

7-Supplying consumables needed for the machine

8-Can be used in 3 consecutive shifts

9-Ability to support all fonts installed in Windows

10-The ability to set and create all kinds of bar codes


You can contact the following numbers for free guidance and advice to buy Arian Behrang’s jet printer :



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