What are the characteristics of two-yolk eggs?

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22 شهریور 1401
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two yolk egg
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 What are the characteristics of two yolk eggs?

In our Iranian culture, the term ” two yolk egg ” is used as a proverb rather than its true meaning, which is the same two yolk egg. When they say that a person has laid two yolks, it is an irony that he has done a great work. But in reality, sometimes chickens lay eggs around the yolk for reasons that we will discuss later.

The reasons for the formation of two yolk eggs

Some chicken breeders believe that the lack of light supply two chickens causes the formation of two yolk eggs. In fact, this may happen when the hen’s ovary releases two eggs at the same time. This phenomenon has been seen more in young chickens that have recently started laying eggs.

Of course, it is not only young chickens that can lay two-yolk eggs. Rather, these types of eggs also occur as a result of a hormonal imbalance in old chickens and chickens with reproductive tumors.

The formation of two-yolk eggs is very similar to human twins. Inside the eyes of chickens, there is a gland that is sensitive to light and stimulates the ovary to form and release eggs. Normally, a chicken’s ovary releases one egg in 24 hours, but when two eggs are released at the same time and are placed in the oviduct, both eggs may be placed in the same shell, resulting in two yolks in one egg be made.

two yolk egg

two yolk egg

One of the issues that should be noted about double-yolk eggs is that they should not be used for hatching because there is not enough space for two embryos to grow.

Several factors can affect the function of chicken ovaries. These factors include conditions of maintenance, nutrition, genetics, etc.

It is not correct to say that certain breeds of chickens lay two-yolk eggs, but large and heavy breeds tend to produce two-yolk eggs due to genetic reasons.

Nutritional value of two-yolk eggs

The nutritional value of two-yolk eggs is higher than regular eggs because they contain more protein. On the other hand, their cholesterol level is also higher than normal eggs. For this reason, consumers are less willing to buy two-yolk eggs.

How to recognize two yolk eggs?

Double-yolk eggs are usually larger than single-yolk eggs, and their weight is more than 70 grams due to the presence of two yolks and more whites. While normal eggs weigh between 50 and 60 grams. Of course, it is rare that three-yolk eggs can be produced, and it often causes severe discomfort to the chicken and causes the chicken to die.

Packaging of two yolk eggs

These types of eggs, due to their larger volume than other eggs, need a device that can print and pack eggs without damaging the egg and without breaking it. Arian Behrang egg jet printer is one of the advanced devices that can be adjusted for all kinds of packages and all kinds of eggs. Of course, due to the low production of two-yolk eggs, a hand-held jet printer can also be used.

two yolk egg

two yolk egg


The main reason for the appearance of two-yolk eggs is the malfunction of the chicken’s ovary, which causes the chicken’s ovary to release two eggs in a one-day cycle, instead of releasing only one egg, and these two eggs are placed inside a shell.

This issue happens more in young adult chickens that have just started laying eggs or in old chickens that are at the end of the egg-laying period. The nutritional value and cholesterol level of two-yolk eggs are higher than normal eggs, and their size and weight are also higher.

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