What is a laser jet printer?

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laser jet printer
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What is a laser jet printer?

In this article, we are going to introduce the history of laser Jet printers to you, so stay with us:

History of printing industry:

Throughout history, humans have always tried to record patterns and signs on different surfaces for specific purposes.

The oldest patterns discovered on the cave walls are more than 45 thousand years old.

After years passed and the appearance of calligraphy, humans used animal skin to record their works and write, and later, paper made from plant fibers replaced skin and parchment paper.

But the printing industry is a thousand years old, from the time of making typefaces and putting them together (Chinese characters) to printing by means of today’s advanced jet printers.

Before the advent of the printing industry, all the works were recorded by hand, but in 1040 AD, a Chinese alchemist named Pishang made alphabet letters using clay and a special glue, then baked them in a furnace to solidify them. He applied a mixture of ash, wax and resin on those letters and heated the screen on which the letters were placed so that the pattern of the letters was transferred on the screen.

In the 15th century, Johannes Gutenberg built a metal machine that could print multiple copies of a book in motion.

He finished the first movable type, a Bible, in 1445.

In 1796, a person named Alois Senefelder, a German, invented lithography, which could print about 750 pages well.

In this method, the desired pattern is created by a sharp pen or the action of an acid on the surface of the stone.

Then the parts of the stone that should not be printed were moistened and the dry parts absorbed the ink.

laser jet printer

The first laser jet printer:

The first laser Jet printer that was printed with the help of a laser beam was invented in 1977 by the engineer “Gary Stark-Vedder”.

In fact, Gary Stark invented an advanced type of copier or xerox that was made by Chester Carlson in 1938 by adding some new features and using a laser beam.

While studying holography, he studied lasers (a highly amplified light source) and wanted to know if lasers could be brought to printers.

It should be noted that other types of printers such as inkjet printers and 3D printers also appeared in the 70s and 80s.

Inkjet printing sprays droplets of ink onto paper and plastic substrates with propulsion and prints a digital image.

3D printers are a type of advanced printers that are able to produce any 3D object with any type of complexity.

And there are different types of laser Jet printers.

The monochrome type of these printers with high speed and accuracy in printing is a very suitable option for printing texts in large numbers.

Color laser Jet printers also have very good quality for printing color photos, but due to their high price, they are not suitable for home and general use.

In fact, the device that Gary Stark weather made in the name of the Xerox company could print everything, even on glass.

In fact, the device that Gary Stark weather made in the name of the Xerox company could print everything, even on glass.

This device was the first device that could receive and print texts and images directly from the computer.


Printing process in laser jet printer:

The laser printing process is an electrostatic digital printing process.

Images or writing are created by repeatedly passing a laser beam back and forth on an electrically charged cylinder called a drum.


In fact, the laser beam creates a pattern with a non-uniform electric charge on the surface of the drum.

The drum then electrically collects the charged powder ink and transfers it to the paper. At this point, the image, writing, or both are permanently fused to the paper by heat.

laser jet printer

laser jet printer

What is laser marking?

There are other types of laser printers that are used to engrave texts and patterns on various surfaces, such as metals, wood, compressed plastic, etc. This laser Jet printer model is known as “laser Jet printer” or “laser marking”.

In 1960, Theodor Meimann invented the first ruby laser, which is widely considered being the first viable optical laser. But Gordon Gould was the first to use the word “laser” and some believe that he invented the first optical laser. Anyway, optical laser appeared between 1959 and 1960 and has been used in many industries for cutting and engraving.

To create an optical laser, the type of CO2 that is widely used today, in fact, a tube is used that is filled with a mixture of gases (mostly nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide) and mirrors are located at both ends of this tube. The gas molecules are then vibrated by electrical energy and emit light that bounces back and forth between the two mirrors.

A small portion of the light at one end of the tube exits a half-transmitting mirror, but most of the light is reflected back to the other mirror. This tiny fraction of light then passes through a lens, where it is narrowed and focused into a precisely sized spot of high energy.

The first laser jet printer was created by engineer Bill Lawson, the founder of Laser Machining Company in 1981.

The way this machine worked was that the piece to be engraved was placed on the engraving table. Then a scanner would scan the desired design and give its signals to the laser beam and turn the laser beam off and on, and the engraving table would make an oscillating movement around to print the desired design on the part.

However, laser industries and the concept of laser engraving were not well known in the industry until Tom Ruddy Zarden purchased the first laser engraving machine around 1978. “We paid $50,000 for this device,” he says. We scraped together every penny we could and borrowed $25,000 from a family member. “It still wasn’t quite enough, and we owe Bill some money.”

“We only sold one device in the first year,” says Pop Lehner. We sold the next device to a man who was an airplane pilot but wanted to change his career and get into laser engraving. Since then, the business of this device has gradually started.”


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