Comparison of jet printers

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Comparison of jet printers
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Comparison of jet printers

In order to make a good purchase in the field of jet printers and printers, we must first know the types of jet printers.

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In general, printer devices are divided into three models: CIJ, DOD, and TIJ.

It is very important to know the model of the device before buying any model and to know with which system this device works and to be able to make a suitable purchase according to our needs.

TIJ printers

HP printers with Tij technology are inkjet printers.

The appropriate cartridge is placed inside the machine head and is placed with the product at a distance of 1 to 5 mm and performs the printing operation.

Comparison of jet printers

CIJ printers

The inks of Cij model printers are half liter and 1 liter and are poured into the ink container inside the device.

Of course, it should be noted that this device model has filters that must be periodically replaced every few days, and if not replaced, it may damage the device.

DOD printers

This device model has 7-12-16-32 nozzles, but the printing of this device model is not of high quality and resolution.

This machine model is usually used for large products.

Comparison of jet printers in the field of printing

Now that we know the types of printers, it is better to Comparison of jet printers in the field of printing to find out which device is more suitable for us.

Ink throwing power:

CIJ: about 20 to 30 mm, due to the presence of the pump, the ink has the highest ejection rate.

DOD: up to 3 mm

TIJ: up to 5 mm

Print speed:

CIJ: up to 120 meters per minute

DOD: up to 130 meters per minute

TIJ: up to 70 meters per minute

Print resolution:

CIJ does not have. In this technology, the head has only one nozzle, so the print resolution is very low.

DOD: usually 185 dpi, usually the head has 128 nozzles.

TIJ: usually 300 dpi in this technology, the head has 154 nozzles, which has the highest print quality compared to other technologies.

Ink drying time:

CIJ: In less than a second

DOD: about 15 to 20 seconds (in these printers, fast drying inks will destroy the head over time)

TIJ: In this technology, when using quick dry cartridges, the ink dries in less than 2 seconds.

Annual maintenance fee:

CIJ: It has a high maintenance cost due to the presence of mechanical and hydraulic parts.

DOD: Medium

TIJ: No cost, because the printer head is located on its cartridge and every time the cartridge is replaced, the head is also replaced. This machine has practically no maintenance cost.

Changing the printing color:

CIJ: the highest printing color change time (several hours)

DOD: About a few minutes

TIJ: less than 10 seconds, independent cartridge from jet printer, includes head and ink, so the time to change color and type of ink is faster.

Handheld jet printers are used in a wide range of large manufacturing industries as well as low-volume home businesses due to their ease of portability.

Various industries, such as the production of steel and plastic pipes, car tires and other spare parts and products that are placed in large wooden packages or large cartons to be transported and sent to stores, are widely used by hand jet printers to print the company name, logo and They use the company logo, barcode and manufacturing series, production date, etc.

Home businesses prefer to use manual jet printers in their production line to print on food packages or all kinds of manufactured products due to their cheaper price than automatic jet printers and ease of use and no need for a large space.

However, if you have just started a new business and your production level has not yet developed on a large scale, buying a manual jet printer can be the best option for printing the desired information on your production products.

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