Introduction of industrial jet printer

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Introduction of industrial jet printer

Today, you can find the least product that does not have the production date, expiration date, and price printed on it! It is possible that most of the manufactured products have more complete information in addition to the production date and expiration date, which depending on the product’s characteristics, can include the production series, health certificate, two-dimensional and one-dimensional barcode, company logo, etc.

Read this article to the end to get to know its uses after introducing the industrial jet printer.

In order to insert the mentioned information on the products, industrial printers called industrial jet printers can be used. Industrial jet printers, which are sometimes called brand names or product dates, have the ability to insert product information on products according to the seller’s needs. It is worth mentioning that these jet printers have the ability to print on most products and include a wide range of edible, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical, etc. products.


In order to print the production date and expiration date, various devices, such as roller daters, manual printers, laser printers, press and jet printers, are used. Jet printers are more common in industry, factories and workshops because compared to other devices. They have a more convenient user interface, less failure, more accurate printing, lower cost and price.

In the introduction of industrial jet printers, it should be noted that the technology of industrial jet printers is different, for example, Piezo technology and thermal technology are two examples of these. In Piezo technology, a special layer is exposed to an electric charge that causes the layer to vibrate. The created vibration puts pressure on the ink tank and causes the ink to come out of the corresponding nozzle. Among the most famous heads with Piezo technology, we can mention XAAR heads.

Instead, in thermal technology, instead of vibration, heat is used to eject the ink from the nozzles. In such a way that when the current enters the resistance installed next to the ink tank, the resistance heats up and causes the ink to boil. As a result, the boiled ink evaporates and comes out of the corresponding nozzle.

Thermal technology is used in HP printers, the advantage of which compared to other technologies is a more convenient user interface for changing cartridges (ink). In this way, every person can change the cartridge of the device by himself without having any skills and expertise.

The industrial jet printer is the same as the automatic jet printer and can be permanently installed on your production line or packaging, or conveyor. Of course, AB-I8 model industrial jet printers will be installed on any packaging line without any restrictions, and this makes you unnecessary to buy a separate conveyor, which can be economical for you as a result.

It should be noted that industrial jet printers have unlimited speed, and the speed is adjusted according to your production line, which can be a great feature to increase your production  circulation.

According to the mentioned materials, we realize the necessity of industrial jet printers in the industry and by printing specific product information, such as production date, expiration date, barcode, etc., we can prevent the spread of counterfeit products.

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